The el dorado Library is open Monday-Friday, 8:00-3:00. We have a full-time teacher librarian who manages the library and teaches information literacy lessons each week. The library is a fun and engaging Learning Hub that students love to visit with their class or on their own during recess.

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Our LiBRAry

The Newly renovated space!

Find a good Book to read…

Find a good Book to read…

Our COllection

Our library contains over 3,000 books. We have a large non-fiction section, early and advanced chapter books and a wonderful picture book collection. We also have a bilingual section. Our librarian works diligently to ensure that the collection is in good condition and up to date. We are lucky to be able to replenish our weeded books with new award winning, popular and diverse books each year. Weeded books are always offered to students in the “FREE BOOKS! bin.


Creative space

The Library offers a space for students to explore and create. We offer digital learning opportunities with coding classes as well as maker space exploration.