El Dorado Elementary School


El Dorado Elementary School is A SFUSD public school in the quiet Visitacion Valley neighborhood. Sitting on a hill at the base of beautiful Mclaren park with views of rugged San Bruno Mountain and the Sparkling San Francisco Bay. Stop by to visit our newly renovated campus and meet the educators that are committed to bringing the best educational programs to our School community.



El Dorado Elementary School is an inclusive community where children are heard and valued as they develop resilience and a strong personal and academic identity. Leaders are reflective practitioners who are culturally competent and skilled at using multiple data sources to make equity centered decisions about teaching and learning. We collectively encourage and uplift each and every member of our community with a strengths-based lens for improvement and lifelong learning.


Core Values

  • Student-Centered

  • Strengths Based

  • Continuous Lifelong Learning

  • Warm Demander

  • Interdependence

  • Innovation

  • Reflection

  • Compassion

  • Respect

  • Collaboration

  • Perspective

  • Agency

  • Resilience

  • Thinking Critically and Creatively



Graduate Profile

Our Intention is to build a community where children are heard and valued as they develop resilience and a strong personal and academic identity.




Listen well to others.

Empathize and seek understanding of other points of view by paraphrasing and clarifying.

Withhold values, judgments and prejudices while seeking to understand.

Pose probing questions and ask for evidence to back up other points of view.

Collaborate well by building on a partner’s ideas.

Disagree with full respect for the other person.



Demonstrate the capacity to act independently and make your own free choices.

Harness your background (class, religion, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc) to take thoughtful action.

Have a sense of right and wrong that drives you to take collective action on behalf of others.

Articulate a clear intention and goals before taking action.

Use your intellect to guide your actions and predict the consequences.



Don’t give up easily!

Develop, use, and name a repertoire of strategies for problem solving.

Are comfortable with ambiguity.

If a strategy doesn’t work, can back up and try another.


Critical & Creative

Reflect on and evaluate your own thinking skills and strategies.

Effectively analyze and solve problems.

Ask questions to fill in knowledge gaps and probe the causes of things that don’t make sense.

Generate novel, original, or clever projects and solutions.

Take risks to push the boundaries of your current thinking or approach.